Thank you for visiting this site.

It has been constructed by and for Investors and their advisers who are disgusted at the blatant fraud that appears to have been perpetrated within the fund, and which led to it’s suspension in October 2012.

The site is intended to unite Investors who are looking for a common voice and who want to see justice done, and hopefully recover as much of their investment as possible.

Whilst Grant Thornton have been appointed as the receiver very recently, we believe that they may see their primary function to be managing the winding down of the fund in it’s current state. Sadly they may not see it as a priority to pursue the guilty parties who have appear to have  blatantly ripped off the fund and those who have been ‘asleep on the job’ and have allowed huge amounts of cash to literally disappear from the fund via dubious commission agreements paid in exchange for legal cases that appear often to have been either very weak or completely fabricated. If the allegations made in ‘Offshore Alert’ are anywhere near true, then it is clear that this entire fund was a set up from the very beginning and that investors and advisers alike have been duped.

If you are an investor who has cash stuck in the fund, or if you are an adviser representing clients who you may have placed in the fund or who you have come across who were already in it, we welcome you with open arms. See contact page.

If you want to be partt of the group we are afraid it will cost a modest sum. This is because we are an action group funding forensic intelligence aimed at getting results (i.e. what the FSA should be doing) and we are not just a website.

No advisers involved in this action group nor anyone involved in this website intend taking a penny from this group, the only people that will be paid are either the intelligence and forensic investigators, or the legal team.

Our aim is to try and charge each valid investor a one-off fixed fee, to pay towards the creation of a body of research that simply cannot be ignored by :

  • Grant Thornton (in Cayman & the UK)
  • CIMA – the Cayman Regulator
  • The FSA
  • The serious Fraud Office & SOCA
  • The Solicitors Regulatory Authority & The Law Society
  • Certain MP’s familiar with Fraud when committed within Financial Services

There is a cost to this professional work … we will only get useful results if we pay professionals for them, the only alternative appears to be to let Grant Thornton collect their fees (FROM OUR REMAINING CASH) and do the basic work required of them by the Cayman Courts but no more. We must be realistic – their priority is NOT getting back OUR MONEY. THIS GROUP’S FIRM INTENTION IS EXACTLY THIS, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.